Hector Cole MBE has a world wide reputation for the forging of high quality historic arrowheads. This reputation is based on years of blacksmithing experience. Hector specialises in the reconstruction of archaeological artefacts using the same materials and techniques of ancient smiths.

He has not only carried out extensive research on the forging of arrowheads but is also a leading authority on the smithing techniques and skills of Saxon swordsmiths. Hector’s expertise is seen regularly on numerous television programmes dealing with the reconstruction of ancient craft skills and in particular the skills of the swordsmith.

In addition to his historic work, Hector is also a Silver medal holder of the Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths and a Livery man of that company. To achieve this prestigious award, a broad knowledge of smithing skills is required, ranging from the traditional smithing skills, design skills, knowledge of the blacksmith’s craft and its history and the use of modern techniques and equipment.

Hector’s work can be seen in museums throughout Europe including The Royal Armouries,The Mary Rose Museum and The Museum of London. He has also produced forge work for members of the Royal Family including the gates and rail for His Royal Highness Prince Charles’s Highgrove House.

Whats New......

Courses for 2015 will be starting shortly. Dates and Availability can be found on the Courses page.

"The Hobbit" fans will be pleased to know that Hector has produced a fantasic range of Elven Arrowheads, which can be found in the Shop

In addition to the unique Crecy Arrowhead, a new range of Arrowhead Gift packs are now available. A beautiful boxed set comprising of six authentic differing arrowheads, they make a great gift. Available in Roman, Saxon & Medieval styles at Hector's Shop.

More information on commissioning a unique piece by Hector can be found on the Commissions page. Recent commission completed include an Italian Swept Hilt Rapier

Hector Forging a War Bodkin

Hector Forging Saxon Tanged Arrowhead

Hector Forging a Needle Bodkin


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